Day 24: I Made It… Just Barely

I am officially on Spring Break and goodness, I’m so happy! I have been thinking about “making it” to Spring Break since I came back to school after Winter Break a week late because I got mono 😦 All I could think about all of January and February was how badly I needed an actual “break” because mono really kicked my butt!

I am excited to spend time with friends and family, and honestly, just relax. I am a self-proclaimed workaholic, but I am also a professional relaxer. I will use my relaxing talents to watch everything on my DVR and catch-up on some much needed sleep!

So here I am, I made it, just barely!



Day 23:#NationalPuppyDay

Instagram and Twitter are the holy grail for made-up, pointless, “national” holidays that can filed under, this isn’t actually a real holiday. Having said that, today is National Puppy Day and out of all the fake holidays, I can get on board with this one because I love dogs and really love my pup, Finnegan!

Finnegan is the most hilarious dog and keeps me entertained every single day! Some of his best attributes include taking long naps on the couch, going for walks, and snuggling just about anywhere.

My reasons for loving Finny so much can  be summed up in the 2 pictures below!





Day 22: When Your Coffee Tastes Like Soap

When your coffee tastes like soap because you didn’t quite rinse it as well as you had thought at 6 am in the morning.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you try to drink it anyway.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you have to pour it down the drain.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you have no plan time to go get more.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you start to get a raging caffeine headache.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you have zero energy.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you settle for a Diet Coke at lunch instead…but it’s still not the same.



Day 21: Half Cup

Dana was totally right, it is everything… a cup of coffee or in my case, a half cup of coffee, is what has been missing from my afternoons! (I’m too afraid to drink a whole cup, for fear I won’t sleep tonight 🙂

I can’t attribute my late afternoon fatigue to my self-diagnosis of “stress-induced narcolepsy” so I’ll just say I’m tired after a busy day of teaching. I hate that feeling though, the tired in your bones kind of tired.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before I read Dana’s blog, since coffee is a necessity every single morning, but I’m sure glad I did. The afternoon coffee has been life-changing… unless the half cup keeps me up all night and then I’ll write a new Slice tomorrow explaining my regret for listening to Dana 😉



Day 20: You Look Just Like Her


You look just like her.

Your smile.

Your laugh.

The way you carry yourself.

It’s uncanny, you look just like her.

I am always flattered when anyone compares me to her, it means more these days than it did when I was younger. Yesterday my family and I went to my cousin’s wedding and I have to say, I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of people who told me how much I looked like her. Perhaps it was because they hadn’t seen me in a while or it is an observation that came about because of her absence.

It feels special to me though, to have people say I look like my mother; another way for me to feel connected to her.





Day 19: Domestic Failure

I really tried, I swear I did. I told myself that if I was consistent, diligent, and put my best foot forward, it wouldn’t end like it had three times before.

I have failed, yet again. I wonder what that says about me, as a person, that I can’t succeed at this.

People and dogs, it’s all I can a manage to keep alive. I feel bad, I really do, but I have failed yet again. I think about all of the good intentions I had with my 4th orchid and they all seem short-sighted now. It’s safe to say, there’s no bringing it back to life; the beautiful orchid is dead.

Should I try for a 5th?!



Day 18: I Want Off the Roller Coaster

😃 My Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee was on point

😩 2 of my students cried before 8:30am 😥

😀  7 of my kiddos were on the winning Battle of the Books team 👏👏👏

😩 Lunch/Recess drama, more tears 😥

😀 The class did an amazing job during our reading lesson 📖📚

😩 The caffeine has worn off 💤

😀 Finished my lessons plans during my plan time ✍

😩 Music class , Recorder Karate disappointment, almost more tears 🎼

😀 Finally, getting in my car to go home 🚗

Annnnddddd, the roller coaster has officially stopped….Until Monday.