Day 24: Lazy Day

Today was, by all accounts a super lazy day and I needed it! I woke up at 8am and maybe feel back asleep somewhere around 12:30pm. I slept for 4 hours! I woke up in such a haze that it took me a little bit of time to snap out of it.

I convinced myself to get out of bed and go for a quick walk with Finnegan just to get some fresh air. This little slice doesn’t take a real big turn… after the walk I got back in bed and watched 2 documentaries. That’s where I’m at on this very lazy Saturday and I’m not afraid to say it or blog about it!



Day 23: Did You Know…

I can safely say that I learn something new every day and I really love that my job is always teaching me new things. Today while lunch was finishing up one of the fellow coaches wanted to tell us something that they had learned this week.

Totally normal, we’re all dorks and love to learn new stuff, but said coach was laughing so hard they could barley spit out the words. You know when someone starts laughing so hard and then you start laughing just because they are? Multiple that by 9 and you have a table full of people laughing and they don’t even know why yet!

We were crying laughing, doubled-over at one another laughing and uh, those are the best moments. It’s the kind of laughter that makes your make up run down your face, grab for a tissue to dry your tears, and that you have to catch your breath from.

Just when I thought we couldn’t laugh any harder, the coach reveals the big thing he learned this week and says, “I learned that trees do not live forever. Did you know trees don’t live forever? ” I get that it doesn’t sound that funny, but the truth is, the question sort of stunned us and we were like, huh, did I know that teees don’t live forever? Do they die of natural causes and what does that even mean?

You definately had to be there, but take my word for it, you would have been crying laughing too. But for real, did you know that trees don’t live forever?



Day 22: You Can’t Unring a Bell

You can’t unring a bell- no matter how hard you try. Once it’s said, once it is out there for consumption, once the damage is done.  The permanency of some things is startling. When you’re younger, I think it’s easier to unsee or unhear or unfeel, you’re more malleable to the things that go on around you, but sometimes there’s just no going back. I have learned this across some years of my life and again today. Maybe not being able to unring a bell is the universe’s way of pushing you in the right direction…sometimes away from certain people and places and towards something new.


Day 21: Pump Your Legs

Remember when you learned how to swing on a swing and your parents would be coaching you through, yelling, “pump your legs?” I vividly remember those days despite the fact that they were so long ago! This morning I was on my way to work and as I was driving I passed a house that has a tree swing. There was a little girl pumping away and swinging so high it actually made me a little nervous!

The sun was shining and this little girl looked as happy as any kid I’ve ever seen- I mean who wouldn’t want a before-school swing session to get your day started off right? It got me thinking about the morning rituals and routines I have and if they make me as a happy and carefree as the little girl swinging. The answer is, not really.

I think the addition of my morning reading from 100 Days of Brave might be the toe dip I needed to make my mornings more enjoyable and not so rushed. It’s weird to think about different things I could do that would bring more joy into the morning and set my day up for success. I’ll have to think about that more in the next coming days. I am grateful for the little bit of inspiration I got from the girl who definitely knew the art of pumping her legs!


Day 20: I Got My Sticker!

Today I voted. Today I also got my sticker. Two years ago, I was unceremoniously denied my sticker after I voted and I wrote an angry blog about it for the SOL challenge. I have to say I was slightly apprehensive that I would not get my sticker as I walked up to the door at my voting precinct. That worry lasted about 2 seconds because just as I stepped over the curb I looked up and saw a mom coaching her daughter on how to pose for a picture with her sticker.

In my previous blog I had mused about the importance of the “I Voted” sticker and this very odd ritual of documenting that you voted by posting an obligatory photo to prove that you actually voted. I was obviously scarred by this unfortunate incident, but was reassured that today would not be a repeat, I was going to get my sticker!

I opened the door to the gym at the junior high where I was going to vote and was shocked by the long line. Sometimes I don’t mind a long line because it gives me a self-imposed mental break. I stood in line and to my right were 2 rambunctious boys playing catch with an eraser and right away I thought how the last thing I want to is listen to annoying kids after a long day at school. I know, it’s a little harsh, but that’s just the truth. I quickly scanned the gym for their mom and then a wave of nostalgia came over me.

I have such vivid memories of going with my mom to my elementary school as she voted when I was a child. I went with her when I was able to vote in my first election- that was a really special milestone. I always admired how knowledeagable she was about politics and how she loved to exercise her right to vote.

As I was recounting these memories a small smile came over me. I love those unexpected moments where I am reminded of my mom, especially when it is some obscure memory that may have never been brought into my consciousness had the 2 boys not been playing catch with that eraser.

I waited in line another 5 minutes, just enjoying the time to myself and then chuckled a little remembering how upset I was 2 years ago when I didn’t get my sticker. Having said that, I have to admit, after voting, I was happy to get my “I Voted” sticker! I proudly headed out the door and immediately stuck my sticker on my coat!



Day 19: Be Brave

I started reading 100 Days of Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self at the urging of my niece. I can’t say I was surprised by her book recommendation, I at times can be pretty fearful. I am not fearful of bugs, snakes, heights or anything like that- more fearful of my future or things not working out. This daily devotional focuses on building up your self-belief and also asks you to be reflective. Today is my 6th day and I feel quite empowered by the words and how the author asks you to recall moments in your past when you have been brave. Each day the author challenges you to tell your story of bravery to someone, so today I decided I’d blog about.

As I was sitting on my bed this morning thinking about a time when I had been brave in my own life, right away I thought of when I had chosen to leave the very first school I taught at to pursue working in public schools. I remember when I had made the decision, it was quite early on in the school year, but once I decide, I decide. I felt compelled to give myself the opportunity to do more, learn more, and impact students more. Leaving the comfort of your very first school is hard, but I am grateful I was brave enough.

Throughout that process, I remember feeling scared all the time, but not enough to stop me. I think that’s how I always feel though, a little bit scared, but my desire to be happy, to feel fulfilled, and to realize my dreams is much stronger than the fear. Maybe I am brave after all. Perhaps my bravery is just masked by a series of overthinking things and taking things a little bit slower; I guess I’ll have to accept what my bravery looks like for the time being and try not to be too hard on myself!



Day 18: Sunday Funday… at Mariano’s?

If you have never grocery shopped at Mariano’s, you should. I make this suggestion not based on the quality of food or the prices, but the simple fact that on any given day, it’s like grocery shopping on steroids! People are drinking at the bar, walking around with wine as they shop, or eating at the oyster bar. It is literally a whole thing that I had never known about until I started shopping at Mariano’s!

When I shop, I go through the store in the same order, same path, and same food. As I entered the store today, I felt a little bit of a buzz, people were extra chatty and there was an energy; maybe it was the weather breaking a little and the feeling of spring was taking over. Fruit, salad, and lunch meat in tow, I rounded the corner and looked to my left to see the bar was packed! I mean, every seat taken and a small line had formed of people waiting to get a beverage to enjoy during their shopping expedition.

I stood for a second with my cart and just starred at the group of people waiting to get a drink at the grocery store- there was perhaps a slight undertone of judgement at this seemingly ridiculous act. I tried to maneuver my cart around the crowd and found myself contemplating joining in the grocery shopping/wine fun. I mean, in the spirit of Sunday Funday, why not?! About 2 minutes later I had a glass of white wine in hand and took a slow sip, not quite comfortable with my new shopping accessory.

I have to say that as I slowly pushed my cart up and down the aisles, getting my yogurt, bread, and eggs, I felt a little silly taking sips of my wine in between the aisles, but secretly loved the silliness of it all. This just may be the new me- Home Depot on Friday nights and day drinking wine while grocery shopping. Like I said before, adulting is a real slippery slope.